My political views can best be described as “classical liberal.”  I support capitalism, small and transparent government, and most of all, individual freedom and natural law.  The definition of freedom that I operate under is as follows: Individuals are entitled to freedom that is limited solely by the identical freedom of others.  I’m not religious and I’m generally indifferent to social issues (one exception being abortion, which I oppose on the grounds that I would argue the zygote and hence, the fetus, is a distinct organism with distinct, human DNA).  I’m also strongly opposed to populism.  I’m a republican (i.e. anti-monarchist).  While some of my views are rather radical, I am not a fan of polemicists, a lot of whom are attention whores rather than people who actually care about anything other than publicity.  Furthermore, appeals to reason are ideal, as opposed to appeals to emotion.

I have been blogging for several years.  This has been my main blog for a while, but it will now serve as a private repository for more personal and/or poorly thought out matters that I am more likely to regret posting later.  Feel free to request permission to read it.  I also post there on chemistry and other miscellaneous topics.

About myself: I am a chemistry student in my early 20’s, living in what is supposed to be one of the coldest cities on Earth, but really isn’t, to my chagrin.  I’m an introvert and a bit of a hermit; not necessarily out of misanthropy (at least, that was the case before the rise of Trump), but just because I’m the happiest and most productive when I’m by myself.  Other ways I’m weird include my preference for cold and snowy, rainy, or cloudy weather.  In fact, bright, sunny days are downright depressing, and all the more so if they are also hot and humid.  My dream is to live in Anchorage, Alaska, in a log house, in the woods (with a man).  I’m also a big Iron Maiden fan.  In addition to socialism, I hate bright colors, parties, recreational drugs (excluding alcohol), celebrity gossip, and those stupid hippies who are afraid of vaccines and GMO’s.  In general, although I’m pretty clueless when it comes to computers, I support all technological advancements.  Also, nuclear power.  And talking about myself.

I’m a gay guy, but only to the extent I am romantically and sexually interested in other men.  I feel no special connection to other “LGBTQIT2ZY9#☃” people, and, in fact, many of them are some of the people I have the least in common with.  As for “gay rights,” that’s more than covered by individual rights.  Dividing society into various special-interest groups isn’t productive, and as someone who would rather not be reduced to my sexual orientation, it’s rather offensive.  I’m certainly no doctrinaire conservative, though; I’m not convinced that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax (my skepticism notwithstanding), and I have no problem with transgendered people, among other things.

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