A Vote for Trump is a Vote for the Democratic Party

The Day of Reckoning is upon us, for tomorrow, the United States and the world at large will learn of the fate it is punished with.  As terrible a president Clinton will inevitably be, there is simply no way a Trump presidency isn’t worse.  As incompetent as Clinton will be, Trump is clearly more ignorant of pretty much everything (except for being a conman, maybe).  As corrupt as Clinton is, Trump hasn’t had as much of a chance to be corrupt.  But based on everything known about his character, his corruptness will put Clinton’s to shame.  The one thing Trump has been consistent on, to my knowledge, is his steadfast opposition to free trade, which I fervently support, but Clinton has at least expressed support for it in the past and I’m thinking she’ll come around to supporting it once she’s in office.  Clinton also has the distinction of not courting white supremacists, while Trump does.

Perhaps the biggest existential threat to Western society is the rise of illiberalism, the most significant proponent of which is Russia.  Although I don’t think Clinton will do a good enough job of standing up to Russia, at least she will nominally treat Russia as a foe.  Trump, on the other hand, has shown Russia nothing but obsequity.  Trump supporters seem to think a Clinton victory portends the end of the United States.  The United States, however, will survive a Clinton presidency.  It will probably survive a Trump presidency, too.  But not all countries likely would survive one; given Russia’s recent history of antagonizing its neighbors even without an American president who has indicated a lack of commitment to NATO, it is reasonable to assume Putin would be much more emboldened with such a president, and emboldened even more so with a president who considers him an ally.  A Trump presidency could therefore represent an actual existential threat to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  And all that’s not even considering the implications of a Trump presidency for the conservative movement.

If Trump is defeated tomorrow, the conservative movement can potentially begin rebuilding immediately.  If he’s not, it can’t.  Trump will drag it through the mud for either four years or (more likely) until he’s impeached and removed from the office (or maybe even for eight years.  It seems unlikely, but so does our current reality).  After that, who knows how much damage will have been done to it.  A Trump loss doesn’t guarantee the excision of this populist cancer that influential conservatives are “forced” to align with, but it makes it much more likely.  Furthermore, a Trump presidency will make Democrats much more popular (as can be seen with the fact that he is currently making Clinton look palatable). On the other hand, imagine how much damage a Clinton presidency will do to the Democratic Party, and how much more likely that is to result in a Republican-dominated congress in 2018.  And hopefully an actual conservative Republican president in 2020.  Electing Trump would be a much a greater favor to the Democratic Party than electing Clinton would be.

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  1. Whether we like it or not, we’re going to find out.



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