We’re Through the Looking Glass Here, People

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and I fear that after tomorrow, Trump will have this thing locked down.  I really, really hope I’m wrong about that, because Trump’s nomination would be a huge blow to the conservative movement in the States.  If he were to become president, that might represent the defeat of the idea of the United States of America, which, while flawed, has always been a shining beacon in this dark world filled with tyranny.  That is why I care about this so much.  I like to think American ideals would be resilient enough to withstand a Trump presidency, but I’m not sure they would.

Back when the primary campaign was just getting started, Scott Walker was by far my favourite candidate.  While I’m sure, like all politicians, he’s a scumbag, he’s one of the most accomplished conservative politicians in terms of actual results.  Since he dropped out, I’ve preferred Rubio, tepidly at first.  But that tepidity decreased linearly with the increase of Trump’s perceived inevitability.  I would be fine with Cruz as well, and for a long time, I preferred him only slightly less than Rubio (my preference for Rubio based on how well he has polled against Hillary).  After having read this, though, it does seem Cruz would be an excellent choice for Supreme Court, and Rubio currently seems to be in a better position to defeat Trump.  The only thing I disagree with that on is Kasich as a running mate.  Fuck Kasich.  Anyway, it’s crunch time.  Cruz (and Kasich, and Carson) needs to drop out before it’s too late (and it may already be).

If Trump manages to win the nomination, then there’s still something that could be done to save America.  And that is *gulp* voting for Hillary in the general election (or even Sanders, if he somehow manages to beat her).  I think the Republican Party may be able to recover from this nonsense if that were to happen.  Trumpism could (hopefully) end there and everyone could move on and pretend it never happened.  If Trump were elected, the pain and embarrassment would continue until his impeachment and removal from office.  So, probably not for very long.  But then his vice president would succeed him, and he would probably pick someone ridiculous like Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin to be his running mate.  That is, assuming Trump’s inevitable power grabs could be restrained.  On the other hand, while I do think Hillary would do about as much damage during her presidency as Trump (maybe not quite as much), at least until her impeachment and removal from office (or indictment and arrest), she would be doing the damage under the Democrat/progressive label.  Sanders would probably also do about as much damage as Trump, but he would be doing it under the socialist label.  Either way, you get leftism and universal healthcare, but if it’s a Democract doing it, the Republicans can at least (in theory) present an alternative that isn’t based on identity politics, which the Democrats won’t (and the Republicans can’t*) if Trump is president.  The entire Republican party/conservatism in general is going to be associated with everything Trump says or does by the media.

Furthermore, there is another reason why Hillary or Sanders would be preferable to Trump.  They’re much less racist than he is.  I mean, the Republican front-runner actually failed to denounce the god damn KKK.  Is this 1915?  While I am dumbfounded by the fact that the Republican front-runner is doing little to prove he’s not a white supremacist, I’m not entirely surprised that malicious racism seems to be on the rise.  A lot of people are (tragically) predisposed to tribalism, and that shit’s been kept alive by the left, with their social justice nonsense.  Is it really that surprising that morons would buy into it?  This is a good example of why racial categorization (regardless of how well-intentioned) is fundamentally immoral.  Still, I would prefer their brand of racism to Trump’s.  At least they’re not completely dehumanizing anyone.  Nuclear war is also less likely with Hillary or Sanders, so that’s a plus.

What happens if Trump does become president?  One thing I can guarantee is that there will be a generation of ultra-strong supercriminals who can function without sleep.  As for the conservative movement (which may need to borrow a tactic from the left and “re-brand”), I imagine the conservatives will try to take back the Republican Party from Trump and his cohorts (keeping in mind that, unlike people like John McCain, Trump isn’t just a moderate squish.  He’s a full-blown leftist, complete with racism and possible (actual) fascism.  So this isn’t going to be the same battle the conservative GOP has been fighting against the “establishment” for years).  If they fail, the next step is to form a third party, which, in the United States, is probably not going to be successful.  And all that is assuming Trump isn’t successful in turning the republic into an empire.  And at this point, I’m not entirely convinced that that isn’t going to happen.

I hope I’m overreacting a bit here, but I fear I’m not.  I never would have thought Trump would last this long.  At this point, all reason has been thrown out the window.  Up is down, my toaster just got up and walked across the room, and there are polar bears all over the place.

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