“Where Did I Put My Masculinity?”

There are a lot of different traits that are associated with masculinity.  One image that might come to mind is the man who silently fights against any adversity that comes his way without complaint or visible emotion.  And that is what a lot of men do; they shoulder their own burden so they don’t put that burden onto others.  Among men, a lack of self-reliance is a source of shame.

That is why there is something un-masculine about things like the Men’s Rights movement.  There are certain disadvantages boys and men have in modern society, sure, but to claim oppression is to play the victim.  And there is nothing masculine about that.  And apparently, that is one thing that is appealing to men about Donald Trump; he represents a repudiation of the “feminization” of Western society.  As Andrea Tantaros said, “The left has tried to culturally feminize this country in a way that is disgusting. And you see blue collar voters — men — this is like their last vestige, their last hope is Donald Trump to get their masculinity back” (h/t Allahpundit).

So, apparently, masculinity comes from politicians/the government.  Which is a terribly sad mindset.  A real man wouldn’t ask politely for his masculinity to be provided for him, or whine until he gets it.  That’s beta-male behaviour.  No, a real man produces it himself.  If you want to be more of a man, there is nothing stopping you other than yourself.  If you’re concerned about the feminization of society, make sure you give your son(s) strong values, and take them hunting, play sports with them, etc.  And don’t apologize for that.  Set an example yourself by being a strong man, not a whiny bitch.

Having said that, the “girlish” environment that pervades schools nowadays is a genuine concern, as is the demonization of masculinity in general.  The former is a symptom of a much larger problem that has many other adverse affects, the problem being the stranglehold the teachers’ unions have over the education system.  They are powerful and they get extremely threatened by any changes to the status quo.  The latter is more of a personal thing.  Until it’s illegal, all you have to do is not apologize for being a man.  It wouldn’t bother a real man to be demonized by a few harpies.  And those are the only people who are going to care anyway.  My god, some guys are just self-conscious.

Warning: The preceding post was extremely sexist and should not have been viewed by young children or people who behave like young children.

Note: By no means am I specimen of eminent virility, brimming with testosterone.  While I’m by no means feminine, I am a somewhat nerdy university student who does not own (or even rent) my own place, and I still live with my dad during the summer (because money).  I’ve never been hunting, and my weakness is kittens.  I probably weigh less than your dog (unless you have one of those rat dogs).  I’m also a homosexual (although not one of those fruity ones).  I’m just saying this to make it clear that I’m not just trying to be some fake tough guy.  But those are the things I believe and they’ve helped me get through tough situations before.  And I am genuinely concerned about the direction society is going, and it is especially alarming that there are men who are bitching about their deficient masculinity, as well as the fact that they see the mincingly dainty Donald Trump, who spends most of his time bitching about his feelings, as an idol of masculinity.

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