I’ve Said it Before and I’ll Say it Again: Democracy Simply Doesn’t Work

I’m a classical liberal.  I support capitalism, free trade, flat taxes, low taxes (including low corporate taxes), minimal regulations, federalism, free speech, gun rights, individual freedom in general, government transparency, reasonable but not restrictive immigration limits (with preferences for culturally compatible immigrants), and a strong defense of those things from people who would like to destroy them.  I oppose communism, socialism, populism, economic nationalism/protectionism, fascism, public sector unions, ethnic nationalism, racism or bigotry of any kind, mandatory unionization, fear-mongering, demagoguery, appeals to emotion, inflammatory rhetoric, corruption, totalitarianism, speech codes, feminism, monarchy, giving politicians power on the basis of climate change, and universal healthcare.  Social issues aren’t of much concern to me, not even abortion, which I think should be illegal but I don’t care about it as an issue as much as most other things.

The funny thing about democracy is that, in order to elect the least of several evils (Stephen Harper, for example, who I’m not a big fan of due to his inaction on reforming the healthcare system), I would have to “work with” people are diametrically opposed to me, ideologically, merely because we happen to agree on who the least evil candidate is.  For example, a populist union guy who votes Conservative because he is concerned about women going around in burqas and other ethnic minorities “invading” the country, while supporting economic protectionism and other anti-capitalist, big government policies.  Or someone who votes Conservative out of a blind sense of loyalty to the party, because that is his “team,” and automatically supports whatever Harper supports.  Or someone who is conservative in the sense that she is categorically opposed to any kind of societal change, regardless of the actual merit of the change.  I have about as much in common with those kinds of people as I do with Liberal and NDP voters, and yet, they are on my “side” for some reason.  And, therefore, politicians I am forced to support because they are ostensibly not leftist pander to these people.  In fact, they likely make up the bulk of the electorate, because most people just don’t pay that much attention to politics, and they certainly wouldn’t put much thought into forming well-thought out, logically consistent political philosophies.

My complaint here isn’t just that I, and most things I support, pretty much lack a voice (especially in Canadian politics, which due to our dumb constitution is further removed from its classical liberal roots than the US is), but it’s also that what these people support affect me (and everyone else) in a negative way.  Because people who don’t think have power, freedom is restricted, and government eternally grows.  Not only are these not people who don’t consider individual liberty a priority, they probably couldn’t even accurately define that term.  Why should the “unalienable” individual liberty everyone is entitled to be subject to the whims of people who don’t put any thought into exercizing the power they wield?

Of course, democracy also gets you shit like Justin Trudeau, who has no business leading a Boy Scout troop, let alone a freaking country.  He’s really more suited to being a reporter for Entertainment Tonight.  And look at the US election.  Some possibilities for the next president: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush (family members/close personal friends of former presidents/prime ministers should probably be banned from running for office), and the damn socialist Bernie Sanders.  And look what’s happened to Ted Cruz.  Remember when he was a conservative?  Now he’s kissing the ass of someone who thinks Canada’s healthcare system is just dandy, while attacking someone who is far more conservative than Trump (i.e. Marco Rubio) and has done more than any other single person to destroy Obamacare.  In other words, he’s appealing to the lowest common denominator, because that’s what savvy politicians do.  And then there is the farce that was the 2008 US election.  Just like Canada in 2015, Americans elected a god damn celebrity to lead their country (with disastrous results).  All this is thanks to democracy.

By criticizing democracy, I’m not supporting authoritarianism or some other political system that lacks any voting.  Democracy is a necessary component of a functioning political system, but only if it works as a safeguard against tyranny.  It certainly shouldn’t be the whole political system, or have as much influence as it does now.  The actions of the government should be strictly limited by the constitution (as it is supposed to be in the United States), and the populace should be tought that.  Of course, I’m just speaking in terms of ideals, not what is actually feasible.  But that is all I can do to lessen my frustration at politics.

People are always saying that politicians ought to listen to their constituents.  The problem with that is that their constituents aren’t all telling them the same thing.  If you listen to one constituent, you piss off half of your other constituents, and probably strip all of your constituents of their natural rights.  Democracy is basically mob rule.  Why it is held up as the paragon of civilization is baffling.

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  1. Democracy is like Salt… you need it in order for the recipe to taste good. But if the recipe was made up entirely of Salt, not only would it taste terrible, it could kill you.


  1. I’ve Said it Before and I’ll Say it Again: Democracy Simply Doesn’t Work | makeaneffort

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