Toxic Emotion

I admit, I used to subscribe to in the “burn it down” school of thought.  After all, if the current system is too corrupted to be fixed, you might as well scrap it and start over, right?  I was an optimist back then.  But optimists are fools, at least when it comes to politics.  The fact is, politics attracts the very people who are exactly the people you don’t want to have power.  It can’t be reformed into anything else.  Sure, there are ways to fix that, but only to an extent.  That is possibly the biggest argument against socialism I can think of (other than maybe the legacy of mass-murder and the denial of basic freedom).

The “burn it down” philosophy is essentially an expression of frustration.  Contrary to what I may have argued in the past, it has no rational foundation (like theoretical socialism in its mindless utopianism).  It is purely emotional.  If you have any principles at all, it is pretty much inevitable that politics will frustrate you.  Well, aren’t you special.  You’re frustrated at the “Republican establishment” or whatever.  Well who, among the segment of the population with a conscience, isn’t?  Trump supporters, and anyone else belonging to a similar political movement, like Bernie Sanders supporters, are basically just infants throwing tantrums because not everything is exactly how they want it to be.  It’s so unfair!  Given that a lot of these people are apparently otherwise intelligent, successful adults, you would think they would be more mature than that.  But I guess not only young people are millennials (who don’t know how the real world works).  Or maybe all this massive Trump support is just an illusion created by the fact that a lot of people probably aren’t paying close attention to politics and Trump is merely the only person they’ve heard of, or they at least want to support an outsider but haven’t been paying attention to how abjectly dumb (not to mention leftist) Trump is.  Still, the fact that so many people would actually be willing to vote for someone who is essentially a reality TV star that is only famous because of nepotism is troubling nonetheless.  But I guess this isn’t the most appropriate place to talk about Canada’s recent election.  Anyway…

The thing that motivates me more than anything else to speak up is anger or frustration.  And I admit that is a weakness of mine.  But it is normal to want to say something when you are frustrated, especially when that frustration is based on something reasonable.  Actually acting on that is completely different, and giving no thought to your actions is reckless.  I have nothing but disdain for the kind of person who gauges the legitimacy of his or her actions on their emotional state at the time.  Frankly, I don’t give a shit what your feelings are, and neither should any competent adult with a functioning brain*.  That’s not how adults behave.  Conservatives are supposed to be the responsible people saying stuff like that, not the ones engaging in the adolescent behaviour.  This isn’t meant to be condescention; I would hope this stuff is blatantly obvious.  But apparently not.

Emotions are what leftists operate on.  The right ought to value reason and facts, not petty self-indulgent tantrum-throwing.  That does nothing but cede ground to the leftists.  I guess my main point here is that all the Trump-supporters who are supporting an actual leftist who supports universal healthcare, abortion, and economic protectionism merely because he “fights” and therefore validates their feelings are essentially leftists themselves, who don’t want to admit it.  After all, leftism and nationalist populism are merely closely-related branches of the same authoritarian ideology.

*In the sense that society doesn’t, not necessarily people who legitimately care about you.

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